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My hair is about between my shoulder blades curly. I have really been wrestling with getting layers put in it. But I am worried because it has taken so long to grow out. I know you can get layers and preserve the length, but that also depends on your stylist if they know what they're doing with curly hair or not. Could you girls/guys post some pictures of your medium to long hair with layers in it? I've looked up celebs but I'd rather see real photos. Also have you liked having layers?


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    I saw no one had replied to you so I thought I would give my two cents. You have to be really specific when asking for layers.. and have a stylist that will listen to you... or someone who you really trust. It is so easy to do serious damage with just a snip or two.

    Pros and cons: depends on your hair and how you like to wear it. If you do a lot of updos you want to make sure the top layers are long enough to reach the back/top of your head, or else you will be dealing with a bunch of little pieces that fall down. Hair texture plays a huge part.. if it's fine keep a lot of length on top or you will wind up very thin on the bottom, if its coarse you can go higher but may wind up with more volume than you want. It's a very individual thing. Be sure because it's a long grow out and/or large length sacrifice if you change your mind. Personally I have mine layered at 90 degrees straight out horizontally all the way around, gives me some movement and lift but keeps the top layers long so I can braid it easily.
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    You may want to find Korkscrew on the board, she has an album on here. I believe she has some shorter layers, and her hair is super pretty!
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