Super silk brocatto treatment

AguedaAgueda Registered Users Posts: 3
I have a very thick, frizzy, coarse and curly/ wave hair. Five weeks ago a tried the new super silk by Brocatto. It works!! My hair have been soft and easy to manage since then. I just use some curls for 5 minutes for my ends and I am ready to go!

I hope this helps ! I found in the web didn't have much information on black and coarse hair.

I am very gratefully to the manager of Chatters at Tillicuum mall for encouraging me to try. He even promised that if didn't work he would do it again without charge and or return my payment.

There were not bad smells or fumes as in other smoothing treatments.


  • AguedaAgueda Registered Users Posts: 3
    This is the third time of using brocatto supersilk and it did't work. My hair has straight ends but it is a mess and have big volume. I wonder why didn't work. The second time didn't work so well but I thought it was because the stylist didn't have much experience. This third time, I went with the stylist that did my hair last time but for some reason didn't work. I follow the same instructions that the first time.

    Any advise would be great.

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