Gel recommendation?

Can someone recommend a cheap but healthy gel that I can get at Target, just to get me through until I can order some flax seed gel?

My hair is wavy and fine.

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    The ones I like you can get at either Walmart or Walgreens. But I like the Softee protein gel or aloe Vera curl activating gel. Both are cheap & give great hold without leaving your hair hard.
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    Aussie instant freeze
    Garnier pure clean
    La bella
    La looks

    I'd say the first two are your best bet cause they come in a smaller squeezy tube instead of a large amount of product. Especially since you just wanna use it temporarily.

    Maybe try travel sizes lol?

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    Thank you both! Gotta do something. I'm completely out, and my hair doesn't like the homemade hair spray I made. I'm excited to try flax seed gel, but I don't get paid until tomorrow and of course shipping will take time. I really don't want to go to work looking like a poodle while waiting for it to arrive. :D

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