Have learned a lot from reading, need to introduce myself

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Hello! I've been embracing my curls for approximately 6 or 7 years now after running across the Curly Girl book years ago. I used to straighten my extremely fine, thin hair and it started looking horrible! Now I'm very thankful for the curl as it makes my hair look denser than it really is.

My current hair challenges are figuring out that protein/moisture balance. I seem to be either too far one way or the other and I'm looking for some more consistency there. I like my curls to clump together and so that's one way I evaluate a product's usefulness for me. Another challenge is figuring out how to adjust my routine now that I have soft water. My hair apparently liked our really hard water. Or, at least, I liked the way my hair looked better with hard water.

Thanks for letting me introduce myself....I look forward to learning more and helping out with my limited knowledge in this area!
2c, 3a & b, very fine, porous, thin density
V05 Kiwi Lime or water co-wash, Deva Low Poo
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