Help please- my hair is getting shorter.

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Hey guys,

I thought you might be able to help me, since there's always great advice on here. I had damaged hair a while ago for a good few years, finally managed to take care of it and grow it past shoulder length. It looked thick and healthy, I was getting compliments on it all the time and it was growing super fast in a few months time. I noticed the less products I was using, the faster it seemed to grow. Recently though, it hit a stage where it's been falling out a lot and splitting to the point that my hair looks half the length it did before without an actual haircut at the hairdressers. I can't even wear it down anymore. The soft curls I had before are gone. I'm not sure what the reason for that is, I would guess stress has a lot to do with it too but I went to a dermatologist recently and have been taking vitamins and she recommended I use Horse mane Shampoo, which my hair has not been liking. Everytime I wash it(about every 2-3 days), it looks shorter. I do use an organic shampoo/conditioner and sometimes switch to the horse and mane shampoo + another conditioner, and I do deep condition. I just find the more I try and play with my hair and put products on it, the more harshly it reacts so I have not been finding a way to make it look good- I pretty much wear it up in a little bun all the time. I'm very frustrated by this because It took me so long to grow my hair out, and this has been happening although I'm not using any heat on it(only very rarely). I have an appointment at a hairdresser tomorrow to get a hair trim, but I'm worried getting it shorter might only make it worse, because sometimes my hair reacts better if it is just left alone. Is there any treatments, or advice you would be able to give me? I would really appreciate it. I will attach a photo before/after if that helps. but i'm very frustrated rght now as to why my hair is looking so unhealthy. Please help! Would you recommend the Keratin treatment/brazillian blow out? Ps: My hair is still damp/wet in the after photo. But it is unbelievable how much shorter it looks.


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    Hey hey!

    Sorry you're having a rough time with your hair. :(

    Hey...does that Horse Mane stuff have a lot of protein in it? The name of it sounds similar to Mane n Tail which has tons of protein in it.

    If that's the case, you might be protein sensitive. Try finding a deep conditioner or a rinse out like Tresseme Naturals conditioner. I actually used Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition last nite and it was super moisturizing. You may need to let something like that just saturate your hair a few times out the week for the next few weeks until your hair bounces back.

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