Post-children Hair!

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I used to have so curly, I looked like I was wearing a Louis XVI wig! Ever since I had my first child (I have since had a second one), my hair has gone through phases of being totally straight, dull, frizzy, etc. My younger child was born nearly two years ago, and her hair now looks like mine used to. My hair is getting wavier with time, and I have had to change completely my routine and treatments. But! I am wondering - will I ever have my old hair back or is it gone forever??? It is making me so sad. The only way to get a few real ringlets now is to cut it to almost shoulder length and then it is pretty good for a few months, then it reverts back to wavy. It is very frustrating! Any ideas? :sad1:


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    I have a 4 year old and a 6year old and went through a lot of changes with my pregnancies as well. Hormones do a lot of crazy things to our bodies. Aging and hormonal fluctuations happen regardless of pregnancy though so just hang in there and take good care of your hair. It may curl it may be wavy, I've gone through rounds of both. My hair was definitely more 3B prior to having my children and now it seems I'm stuck between 2C and 3A but as I stick to the CG I notice more 3B areas coming back to life. I don't follow all the CG techniques. My basic is no heat styling, no silicones and no sulfates. I do use sulfate free cleanser once a week but otherwise just cowash. Also trying to stick to more natural products.

    Remember too its not just what you put on your hair but in your body. Drink lots of water and eat more vegetables than you thought possible. Also healthy fats and proteins.