Possibly a silly a question

Ok so i went to walmart last night and I saw this Jason product which was all organic and i was so excited because i didnt think it had any cones in it. Well low and behold I get home and find the dreaded cyclopentasiloxane in it.
I suppose my question is how do I take this back to walmart? I know this isnt a directly curly hair question but I didnt know where else to put it. I mean do I walk up to the counter and be like yea this has a dreaded silcone in it and I dont want it? Will they even take it back? I mean I really dont want to be stuck with it because I am never going to use it. What do you all do when you take products back you dont like?
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    I'd just tell them you bought it by mistake. They're usually pretty good about least in my experience...
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    Have you used it? If not, they should take it back, no questions asked. If you tried it and they give you trouble, just tell them you had an allergic reaction.
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    Wal-mart will definitely take it back. I've taken back Fructis and other stuff before, even trying it, and it was no problem. They didn't even ask me why I wanted to return it. But you could always tell them you were allergic to something if they ask.
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