Redken products/experiences!

Alot of you are familiar with me, but im back to give suggestions to wavies or curlies who arent recieving results from cg products. My hair got tons of breakage, it was frizzy, and very limp from cg products, no matter what i tried. Im in hair school now, and i HIGHLY suggest that you invest in some redken products, they heal your hair, and are PH BALANCED! Ive only used them for a few days and my hair is repairing BY THE DAY and becoming easy to style and control! Im currently loving body full shampoo and conditioner, with redken real control cream and *pravana intense treatment (this isnt a redken product but its the best leave in you can get, it thermal protects, is safe for color, and can even be used on dry hair because its light and is in a spray form). Redken recently came out with CURVACIOUS, which is a curly line of products that everyone at our salon is obsessing over! Check out the products, and even the shampoo is a cream LOW LATHER shampoo!!! Im investing in that line when i get the cash! Seriously, my hair is AMAZING, whether air dried OR heat styled! Redken is well worth the cash, i promise! If you try any redkwn products and you agree with me, please post what you tried and loved!

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