Allergies and curly products...HELP!!

I have a moderate coconut allergy (rashes/hives) as well as a wheat allergy (not sure what happens if it's on my skin but I have a bad enough reaction when eating it :/) and it seems these days that those are the two most common products in hair care options...coconut being in 99% of everything :/ I finally found a sulfate-free shampoo that didn't have coconut (thank you, Shea Moisture!) but have yet to find a conditioner or everyday care product that would work for me. The problem I keep running into is that conditioners that are shea-based aren't creamy enough and my hair just feels dry and I can't comb through it (in the shower, with conditioner :/) I am a mix of 3A and 3B and am getting desperate :(


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    What products are you looking for? As a cowash/rinse out I use garnier fructis strength and length conditioner. It doesn't have coconut or wheat.
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    But naturally curly has an app called curl power in the app you can search products & ingredients.
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    I need a conditioner/cowash and an everyday styling product. Honestly I don't trust products that don't publish their ingredients on their website (which Garnier does not--just checked.) Many ingredients are derived from various plants and if even one of them was, I would be breaking out in hives and that's no good :P
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    Have you considered making your own flaxseed gel? That would solve the styler problem.

    I would also suggest trying water washing, in which you give yourself a really thorough scalp massage under the shower head. I know it sounds gross, but it can be very effective, and doesn't leave a tell tale aroma. In the category of arcane knowledge, sheep's sweat contains a natural surfactant; and since learning about water washing, I've wondered if human sweat might also. The times that I've tried it, I've been surprised to find that my hair can look and feel cleaner than when I've co-washed it.

    That would leave conditioning, which would not be as much a problem with your natural sebum contributing more to conditioning your hair (if you're water washing). A dilute vinegar rinse would help. You can add natural oils to homemade FSG, and you can seal with an oil, such as argan oil or jojoba oil. None of those is the same thing as a conditioner, but they can help.

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