CG styler for fine-ish, protein-sensitive hair?

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I'm looking for a new CG-friendly styler, probably a gel or lotion. Despite being low-porosity and on the fine side, my hair hates all proteins except silk and loves humectants. Products with aloe high on the ingredients list give me weird surface frizz. Heavy anything pulls out the curl in my canopy. Even without product, my chin-length hair takes hours to dry, so anything that increases drying time is a no-go. I can't deal with my hair feeling stiff, sticky, or otherwise product-y. Humidity in my area ranges from medium to super-high, but dews tend to stay in the 55-65 range year-round. Any suggestions?
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    I am of no help, but I'm following this... my hair seems very similar to yours.
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    My fine/low porosity hair likes "jelly" products, rather then gels. My definition for the jelly products is a gelatinous consistency without the chemicals (especially polyquats.) Because my hair loves protein, you'll have to check the ingredients for the things I use; however, they may work for you.

    Another jelly product that meets your criteria is CJ Pattern Pusha.
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    Try homemade flaxseed gel! It's amazing and really easy to make. I am never going to buy another gel again. You can pretty much never go overboard with it either- my hair has never been weighed down by it, which is a first.

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