Not sure what to do...

I have an interview on Thursday morning very early. I am trying to figure out what to do with my hair. I have a haircut scheduled for March 6 and have been trying not to cut my bangs off, but I am having a hard time doing anything with them right now. My husband prefers my bangs and doesn't like it my hair curly on my forehead. I can't pin them back because I need some hair on my face cause I look awful without it. Short of just cutting them I would appreciate any suggestions, I need my hair to look professional.


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    Well, unless your husband is going on the interview with you or is the one interviewing you, then I wouldn't worry about wearing them down and curly if that's how you feel most comfortable with them for the interview. Because short of pinning them back (kind of loosely and pinned under a section of your hair like it's hiding them, if that makes sense), I can't think of any other suggestion. But seriously, just for the interview which he probably isn't even going to be at, you should wear them down and curly if that's how you like them. :)
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    Well yeah I know he is not going with me, but he is the only one that I have to give opinions, I don't see anyone else since I stay home and pretty much don't have any friends in this area. I personally prefer my bangs but I was trying to conform with that fact I am not supposed to have bangs with curly hair, although I found through this site I am not the only one to have bangs, most stylist don't like them either and I have a hard time convincing them. Just feeling stressed about the interview and having to worry about my hair looking stupid.