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Hey curlies!
Anyone else besides my crazy self decided to chop their curls off into an inverted/stacked bob? I shaved my waist length curls off in May 2011 and by April 2013 it was pass my shoulders. My friend talked about my split ends soooo bad so I decided to get it cut that next day. The style I chose was the infamous inverted bob. At the time, it was straightened but I didn't realize how much of a pain it would be to grow out. Am I the only one growing out this style? My hair grows extremely fast but the wait is killing me and I really don't want to cut it again. (My hair type is 3b with some 3c)


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    I'm trying to grow out my asymmetrical Bob( short on one side,longer on the other) and it already sucks. Loved the cut at first because it was perfect for the summer heat. It requires more styling time and I have no way to put it up when it's misbehaving. So it needs to grow out.
    It grew really fast after the first time I cut it, so I trimmed the short side to pixie length and the long side almost collar bone length. I regret it. I'm trying to use scarves and headbands to hide the awkward pieces :P
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    I did an inverted bob shortly after I started here (2 years in december). I had a great deal of damage from a quack color job and needed to get it chopped and reconstructed. My middle layer was a mess. I have a different hair type (I'm a mix of 2C/3A but it goes more into the 3's with length) but it has been a challenge growing it out. I kept it for some time, loved the feel, and concentrated on getting my hair healthy. Started to grow it out, chopped it again, and am now back at it. The hardest part was making it through the annoying length that stabbed and tickled my neck, non stop. This is me now


    Pardon the off color in that. My iPhone camera is on it's last leg, and that is not even close to my hair color :)

    You can see where the very bottom layer took off and the rest has not caught up yet. I'm working on getting it all on length, and will have some long layers put in then. I can't wait! That line of thicker hair gets on my nerves, though the lady who cuts my hair does her best to blend. My hair grows pretty fast as well, but it's just going to take a little more time.
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    I did exactly the same thing a few years ago.. only the hairstylist I went to messed up my hair and by the time she (and her manager) was finished I had a very short pixie. I grew it into an a line bob by growing out the front/sides first into the a line angle, layering it as soon as I could, leaving the back pixie short, then growing out the back by bobbing the length each time to avoid the mullet effect. Eventually the back grew out enough to layer at 90 degrees (it was a flipped out mess before that to be honest). Once I got the layer in it curled nicely, before that point I straightened most of the time. I've just let it grow since then (with no more straightening) and currently have a "lob" (long bob) that is shoulder length in the back and collarbone in the front. Its been a great growing out style, it keeps it's shape well and the length in the front allows me a lot of options for styling. For example I was able to put it in a ponytail even before the back was long enough, could do a two strand braid or some fancy twists in the front for a pretty updo, etc.
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    I cut off 18'' of hair in Mar of '12 and donated it to the cancer society. Ever since then, it just seems like it won't get past my shoulder blades! I recently started to modified CG to help prevent unnecessary damage and *hopefully* get back to my waist length locks :)
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