Dry cut vs wet cut ??

Dry cut seems to be the preferred method of cutting curly hair but the only
Person I can find to do that in my town is out of my budget at this time. Is there value in a wet cut? I ask because I called an aveda salon and the girl I was inquiring about said she loses her margins with dry cuts. I have no idea about cutting hair but that seems to be a good argument? Tia!


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    Another option is to cut it yourself. This isn't as difficult as it sounds. There are really good instructions and illustrations in Curly Girl: The Handbook (available here or here), and a super clear video segment on this on the DVD which comes with the book. For the cost of the book, a pair of hair shears (I got mine at Sally's, not bottom line, for $25, initially for trimming split ends and knots), and a handheld mirror, you can be in total control of your haircuts.

    I know that it sounds a bit intimidating, however I've had really good results when I cut my own hair using the Deva cut method. Just take your time. If you're not sure about taking a particular snip, wait and see if you're happy with your hair without cutting that curl or tendril. You can also snip it less than you think it might need, and see how you like it at an intermediate length. You're in total control.

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    She loses her margins with dry cuts?? That's an odd notion.
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    Doesn't seem like a good argument to me: you pay more for the wash and blow fry than you do for the part you are actually employing them to do ... the cut.
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    I've had both wet and dry. I prefer wet when it's longer (easier to comb through) and dry with the clippers when it's short. I'm rockin a buzz cut right now:) When I get my hair cut, I either go to Great Clips ($14 for just a cut but they store my haircut info) or Hair Cuttery ($14 for cut and shampoo). I like both and I haven't had any issues with either place.
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