Getting started and need help!!

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So, I started doing CG about two weeks ago and haven't seen much improvement...right now I'm a 2B but I think my hair really wants to be a 3A, just doesn't know how.

I get beautiful, soft curls right below my ears but that's about it. The rest of my hair is curly/wavy but dries sort of flat and stringy as you can see in the photo.

The bottom/back of my hair by my neck has always been the same way, no matter how I get it cut -- it dries almost completely straight.

Any tips to ramping up this process to get softer more voluminous curls, less stringy and flat? I know it can get there because I have really thick hair, I'm just not sure what else to try.

Current process: condition and scrub/wash hair with Suave Naturals Coconut, rinse then apply Tresemme Naturals Conditioner and leave on/slightly rinse out while detangling, wrap up wet hair with tshirt then apply Garnier Fructise PureClean Gel while it's half dry and let the rest air dry.

image_1.jpg image.jpg


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    Here's a photo of the back:

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    What are your hair properties, dew points/ humidity? Have you tried using way more leave in conditioner as well as your rinse out as per the CG method? Do you dye your hair or is that sun lightening? Do you mean you 'plop'/ 'plunk' with the t-shirt and if so how long for? Have you done a hydrolysed protein treatment or uses a protein rich conditioner?
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    This looks almost identical to my hair...! (I'm also brand new, did my last schampoo this Sunday...) I'm also having issues to type my hair, it currently mainly looks like 2b, but I think it "wants" to go 3a-ish, maybe 2c-3a mix...

    What I've realised (I think we have similar length too...) the last days, is that if I let my hair air dry after applying the gel the spirally curls stretches. I got some really nice ones in the shorter hair and does did not lie flat against my head at all, which would suggest more 3 than 2 I think. However, the longer ones managed to stretch out, especially on the top, while my hair was drying.

    Adding gel straight away with dripping hair helped to get more bounce and definition. I then plopped, but my hair does not dry (it takes forever to dry but I've ordered a microfiber thing and will see if that sucks out the water better than cotton) and then did the more gel and scrunch, especially on the top to avoid frizz.

    Worked great, apart from one thing, the longer hairs just lost their shrinkage while waiting for it to dry... I'm seriously considering trying to get som sort of thing to lift up my hair in when drying or, I don't know, maybe even clipping up the middle part of the long hair, so that it won't be stretched as much? No idea if it will help though?

    (Gel in dripping wet hair got me from 4 cm in diameter spiral curls to 3 cm, and I still have a long way to go to "repair" my hair...)
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