Chemically Straightening for men?

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So, after trying to grow my hair for the past 6 months I have almost given up. I am a white male (obviously lol) with wavy/curly THICK, COARSE hair. I was my hair with suave naturals conditioner, and use a leave in with no protein or cones. My feels relatively healthy, but its still so thick and never actually lays down. So I have a few questions:

Will a chemical straightener JUST make my hair straight or will it help it reduce bulk and lay down?

Can I go about the same hair care routine? (suave conditioner, leave in conditioner, ect)

How long does it take for the new hair to come in thats not straightened? Does it look bad?

What product would you recommend that can be done at home that lasts the longest, works the best, and doesn't break the bank? lol

I am also not trying to kill my hair, so if these shouldn't be done in that case..I wont


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    Chemicals typically don't alter hair differently based on gender. And no, there really was no way for me to tell you are white over the webosphere, sir ;)

    I mean, I can tell you this: I have thick hair. Very, very thick hair that has many waves in between those curls and when I used to attempt to straighten it, I still ended up with slightly wavy hair. I did lose some volume, but IMO, it made my hair dry. And if your hair is as you describe (curly with waves), plan on not being able to totally kill that remaining wave with chemicals or heat. It may stay straight for a minute, then it will rise, rise, rise like the dead, pulling up on itself. Begging to return to the land of boink.

    Here's an idea of what I'm saying. Check out Jesse Eisenberg's natural crown and glory. If your hair isn't as curly as his, maybe straightening won't be as much of a problem.

    The man has clearly attempted to straighten his mane at times, probably to try and get more acting roles, or because he was pressured to by one or more directors. (OK, or he just doesn't like his hair.) Here is what I mean. Yikes!

    ... Nothing is going to make this guy's hair, which has all sort of curls and bends, lay totally flat. Nothing. AA folks will typically will have an easier time of it than he will. There's something about that curly/wavy combo that usually thumbs its nose at any attempt to make it totally straight. But maybe you have hair that's nothing like his, so maybe you'll be different. Maybe it'll work for you because my theory turns out to be wrong.

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