dry cutting in London?

I live in the wilderness of Eltham in South-East London and would like to find a trustworthy stylist who can deal with wavy textured hair using a technique akin to Lorraine Massey or Ouidad without running screaming for the blowdryer! Nowhere that only cuts dry owing to the fact that running water has not reached them yet, thanks!


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    Hey - I have the same question. Have you found anyone yet?

    I recently went to Devachan in New York and am trying to follow their routine, mainly out of desperation. All of a sudden, I realise I've never had an appropriate cut in my life. I've always had my hair long, and have tied it up/back/side/top - with elastic &tc. which is now verboten (according to the new Devachan regime). Worst of all, I have been trying to live as a 'straight' (haired) person. But am tired of trying to be someone I'm not.

    However at the time I was at Devachan, they didn't have any open appointments for colouring or cutting so I had it styled, bought the products and the book.

    I now need a cut and colour and I just don't know where to go.

    I've been going to Aveda (London) for years, but now I'm a bit wary because not only do they wet cut everyone's hair, but they don't have anyone who specialises in curly hair. I called recently to explain my (new) request...and they freaked out when I said that I wouldn't want them to use their shampoo on my hair after colouring it, only conditioner. So I stopped short at asking whether I could bring my own !

    I asked whether they have sulfates & ammonia in their colour and they gave me a wishy washy answer about only using all natural ingredients in their products; I just don't know enough chemistry to determine whether these ingredients happen to include ammonia or sulfates. I once asked if their "Be Curly" had alcohol in it, and they said "no" - and lo and behold, now that I know what to look for in terms of chemical names for alcohol, I know that it does indeed contain alcohol.

    Any suggestions out there from other curly girls in London area?

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