Supervisor disapproves of curls

Signed Desperate


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    Put your hair up if it can easily stay up.

    That's the only thing you can do.

    DO NOT straighten your hair. DO NOT use hairspray.

    The last time I heard this sh*t was when talking to a guy who was half pacific orginal and half aboriginal in Australia. He wasn't allowed to cut his hair short and when he left it longer his boss complained about his 4c hair. He basically got his boss to complain about his hair in front of his boss, so he could tell his boss that's how my hair grows out of my head.
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    A. You don't need to spend $700 to look professional. You can get suit pieces from any of the discount stores (Ross, Marshalls, etc.) or you can go to the Goodwill for them. Generally when people donate suits, they're hardly used.

    B. I would get in contact with HR. You need to protect yourself and establish grounds for possible discrimination. In the mean time if you want to smooth things over you could always wear your hair in a bun until you have. I would also take head shot of myself with the alleged "unprofessional" hair.
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    Help! I just started at an internship and my supervisor disapproves of my hair. She says it is greasy and not professional. I have never had this problem before. I usually leave my curls natural and they are a little frizzy because I now live in the humidity for the first ever. She does have a right to saw something because in my contract it states I must look appropriate by agency standards. I am am upset and embarrassed because I am not that good with my hair. I have limited things I can do to fix the problem. Without spending hours straightening it. I am going to try to deep condition tonight and use a new leave in Moroccan oil product tomorrow morning. But I need advice on how to handle this hair wise and professionally. Understanding I do have to change something to meet her requirements of the dress code. What is killing me is I am trying so hard to be professional spending over $700 on new clothes and shoes. Which I can barely afford. Please help!

    Signed Desperate


    Does your hair look greasy? Saying someone has to look professional/ appropriate is not the same as expecting someone to alter an innate part of their physical appearance, your supervisor can't tell someone to have a nose job any more than they can tell you to wear your hair straight, they can expect you to style it neatly.

    It is normal to expect professionals with medium to long hair to wear it up, do you? There are tutorials on YouTube and a book called 'Strictly Curls' with easy up dos. Get some knock off Spin Pins, bobby pins, thin head bands, any subtle ties in satin or silk in neutral colours (black, navy, brown etc) - none of these are expensive.

    Try using more basic leave in conditioners, water based stylers and fewer greasy products - fewer silicones (suffix -xane, -cone, -conol) and butters in leave in products. For humidity limit or avoid the major humectants (glycerin, propylene glycol, honey, maybe aloe).

    Check out the stickies here and on the newbies board - most of us are following some variation of the Curly Girl method. What is your full haircare routine at present?
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    I guess I need more info than that to give an opinion. If your curls look good them I say yeah go to hr. that's HOW IT COMES OUT OF YOUR HEAD. If ask HR if there is something in the dress code about curly hair. If not (and why should there be) I'd ask to have mediation with the supervisor over it.