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Hey all!

So I've just started to love my VERY big (but not very long) curly hair (3A) after years of straightening :S
I'm looking for tips on how to style it, because of the size of it all the volume sinks down to the bottom of my hair and i would love kinda the voluminous look with loads at the top. This was easy with straight hair as i could backcomb it but unfortunately I can't.

I've found that everywhere I look it's all about 'taming your frizz!' and 'weighing down curls to make them less frizzy' but I love my frizz! Not to say that beautiful sleek curls aren't wonderful, but I just think that if you have frizzy hair naturally, you should embrace it! Does anyone else love their frizzy hair?

Thanks everyone!


  • pinkmouse09pinkmouse09 Posts: 107Registered Users
    Try clipping your roots for some volume while it dries... I also find that when I towel fry I am a lot more prone to frizz. If I am feeling frizzy I just use a lot less product and shake/fluff it a LOT.
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    There's a certain product-y, super-shiny look that some people strive to get. After most of my Deva cuts I have that look because I'm loaded down with a bunch of product. I love the cuts but I can't stand that look because to me it looks fake and contrived, unnatural. It almost looks like a wig, or a head full of oiled-down licorice. Looks like each hair would remain stiffly in place in a hurricane wind.

    To me there's something wonderful about curls that aren't all forced into position. When some curls are a little wild or not quite as shiny as the rest, or there's a little frizz, it suggests movement; it suggests that someone has a life and is busy doing things with that life. It also suggests a more fun, relaxed personality. And as a straight woman, I think thoughtfully cared for, but "imperfect" hair care efforts make curly men look super-sexy.
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    This is what you need to watch hehe. I agree with you! I don't care about my frizzy hair... :D
    Big Hair Don't Care - YouTube

    I Don't Care (About My Frizzy Hair) Official Single - YouTube
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    A little while back I perused a bunch of Taren Guy's newer vids and along the way I did a related search that led to the two vids you just posted (plus a bunch of other vids like it). Yeah, those vids are fun.

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