Q about Tresemme Naturals Vibrantly smooth, etc

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did the company recently reformulate this? I have an older bottle and cannot tell if its the same. It feels different. And, where do you get the volumizing formula? I did a search for this question and discovered a volumizing formula, which I have not seen in stores here.


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    I don't use it personally, but it has been reformulated. I believe someone said the white and/or green caps are the old formula (which is still floating around some places), and the black cap is the new. Also, avocado oil and aloe are higher on the list, and the isopropyl alcohol was removed. Maybe someone who currently uses it will chime in later.
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    Hi, Geek: I just double checked. I have green caps on both my bottles, but as you said in the new formula, the oils are higher on the list. It felt different on my hair as well. I am not a huge fan of coconut oil, so I guess I will have to see how my hair behaves.
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    Yes, I think they might have put some of the new formulation in an old bottle. But I thought nourishing moisture contained avocado, not coconut oil. (I love both. I have a bottle of avocado oil by my bedside right now.) Oh--I tried both nourishing moisture and radiant volume with the old formulation and I found them pretty interchangeable. Not sure about the new since now the botanical and oil ingredients are at the top of the ingredients list. That might make a difference.
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