Beautifying Oil by The Body Shop

curlycapercurlycaper Posts: 2Registered Users
Hi from Cape Breton! I am wondering if anyone has tried Beautifying Oil by The Body Shop. It can be used on skin and hair.I've tried it on my hair to combat frizz, and it's ok- not spectacular. I find that my hair is getting drier as I age(I'm 55),and I continue to look for a great anti-frizz product. I have tried a ton of serums and conditioners,and,did have some limited success with a silicone serum,but it started to weigh my hair down.(no surprise here,eh?)I am a 2c/3a. I use Live Clean clariying shampoo,which I love. I see where some of you have tried other products by Live Clean with some success. I think I may do the same. I do like the Beautifying Oil,but it feels like it sort of just sits on my hair,and doesn't really smooth it well.
Thanks so much!

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