I feel like I'm tighter than 3b but looser than 3c, anyone know?

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I'm trying to figure out my hair type solely because I want to search for pictures of people with a similar hair type so that I can kind of get an idea of how my hair will look when I grow it out.

I'm not having problems with dryness or products, I just want an idea; sort of for inspiration or otherwise I might just cut my hair.

My curls are larger than pencil-size (3c) but then when I look at 3b curls mine look tighter than 3b, so I'm left confused. I just want to get an idea for what my hair will look like grown out. That's all.
Any help would be great, thanks!


  • SpiralSpunkSpiralSpunk Posts: 243Registered Users
    I think you're probably 3c, it's hard to tell when the hair is short. But most curls are looser at that length :)
  • curlfusedcurlfused Posts: 9Registered Users
    How long until I'll be able to know for sure?
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    It's perfectly normal for people to have a curl type that is in between two types. Most people, if not all, have variations in their curl pattern. Some people have a mix of 2a-2c in their hair or 3c-4b. Everyone's hair is unique and will never fit 100% into one category.

    As for deciding what you want your hair to look like, just think of general ideas. How long do you want it? Both types 3b and 3c have a pretty defined root curl so your hair is bound to be voluminous. Once your hair gets longer, I would suggest layers to avoid triangle shaped hair, but don't make them too short or they will stick up and out, instead of down. Do you want bangs? Do you want face framing layers? You can also find similarly styled pictures of both 3b and 3c and combine the two. Think to yourself "okay I love this 3b haircut, but my curls are a little tighter, so I need to wait a little longer to achieve that length, and my hair might have more volume". No picture is going to match your hair type perfectly even if you fit into one category. Just play around, hair is supposed to be fun!
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