Clarification: Gummy Hair vs. Straw Hair.

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Now I am 100% certain that I have got a protein overload at present. When I once had 'overconditioned' hair, my hair was limp and stringy; it felt like it had some sort of residue on it. People say that, 'gummy' or, 'rubbery' hair is a symptom of hair that is, 'overconditioned'.

But this over-protein issue is what has given me gummy/rubbery hair when wet and of course, it is like straw when dry.

Now what led me to overcondition my hair in the first place was doing that (quite likely inaccurate) wet strand test. My hair stretched and stretched without breaking. It did not bounce back as it normally does but remained stretched and bent out of proportion in all kinds of ways. So I thought I needed protein.

When I used one milk protein conditioner, my hair then went to rubber when wet. It was feeling crunchy when dry. I did not make the connection as the conditioner was a, 'hydrating' one, I thought it had given me too much conditioning on what I thought was hair that had already had enough of that. I then used a stronger protein conditioner (Aubrey's GPB) and my wet hair's roots were crunching afterwards and it was like straw once dry. My hair came out looking fried.

Now as I am trying to get as much moisture as possible back into my hair, my hair is getting more of a rubbery, chewy feeling (though it is still 'crisp').

But I had a 'light bulb' moment that I wish I had had sooner. Gelatin is a hard protein. What happens when it gets wet? It sits up, gets spring and rubbery. Picture a bowl of, "Jell-O". It is rubbery, isn't?

High-protein foods such as certain shakes and spirulina become quite gummy once liquid is added to them. This is, in effect, diluting the protein. I can only hope that the excess protein build-up on my hair is breaking down since it is feeling more gummy today after starting a protein-free hair care regime yesterday, including a deep conditioning treatment and an apple cider vinegar rinse.

Also, any damage--including 'protein damage' (which is superficial damage though I am certainly acquiring some breakage as long as this continues)--can make the hair more porous. More porous hair soaks of moisture when wet and loses more moisture when dry--thus, the gum to straw effect.

Am just wondering what your take is on this theory. I wish it had occurred to me sooner. But I hope someone reads this and it helps them and spares them from the hell my hair and I are currently going through.