HOLY GRAIL For Hair!!!!

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Okay, so I have not got one, but I bet that title got your attention, didn't it?

I am just really, really happy to have found this board because right now, my hair is in a bad state from a (light) protein overdose. I am scared senseless that I will have to chop it all off or shave my head.

I joined because of this board but I also want to say it is lovely to meet you all.

I actually don't have curly hair per se, but it is really wavy and springs into ringlets in areas in good humidity (like the American South)--does that count? I don't even know my hair type, porosity or what the heck a dewpoint is and how it affects the hair. I honestly never wanted to have reason to care about any of that. I just want my hair back to normal.

Is it okay, if I do a re-post from another site--regarding my story? Well...I am going to do it anyway since as the author of said post, I retain all rights. Thus, here it goes:

Back in March, my hair got 'overconditioned' (had never known that could happen). My hair has always been one of my best features--healthy, strong, shiny and long, completely virgin (no styling tools used, no processing at all--none of this for well over 20 years.). My routine has been wash, condition, comb and brush. Sometimes I would use some rosemary essential oil, an herbal rinse, apple cider vinegar rinse or deep conditioner. I have used, "Aubrey Organics" for years and years with great success. So...I gently clarified and used their lovely, "Blue Green Algae Deep Conditioning Mask" on my hair and it fixed it right up. I continued to use it a few times a month for a few months because I have always loved it but have always been too broke too afford it. The crème rinse I was using had no protein, but my shampoos did.

Last month, my hair started breaking easily. Did not understand why though I had cut back on my washings for the past month prior to that. It has also been a very hot, dry summer and I have been under loads of stress (this hair issue is not helping that, obviously). I noticed the ends of my hair were looking more bent on some days and would stay that way until my next washing. I put in some white camellia oil which has always worked for me before--but woke up the next day to 'crisp' hair. This went away--well, in part. I then did a wet strand test that seemed to tell me I needed protein.

Here is where the real trouble began...I bought an Aubrey conditioner with milk proteins (Blue Camomile Hydrating Conditioner) and after the first use, it was okay. The second time, my hair felt like rubber afterwards. I got a free sample of their, "#1 Best-Selling Conditioner" which left my hair fried the next day. It looked it and it felt it and it still does. The white camellia-imbibed conditioner by Aubrey has made my hair feel and look like a greasy, stringy mop. I hate it!

I am trying to keep things simple but my hair care routine has always been simple. I don't 'do' my hair and I have not since I was 14 (am 36 now). I don't even know the last time I used a hair dryer or a styling product.

I have studied what to do...Do a clarify. Wash once or twice a week, deep condition routinely and/or conditioner wash, maybe use a leave-in and seal with oil. maybe use apple cider vinegar rinses sometimes to seal the cuticle. Last night I clarified, deep conditioned and did a vinegar rinse.

I hate all the contradictions--they are driving me mad. I want to beat my head against a brick wall (bad hair and all!). 'Don't use aloe' vs., 'Aloe is okay.' Avoid coconut oil in any form,' vs., 'The derivatives are fine.' 'Don't use panthenol since it acts like a protein' vs., 'No, it does not.' 'Wheat germ oil contains protein,' vs., 'No, it doesn't.'

I curse the misleading info I have gotten that led me to thinking I needed protein just because my hair felt like rubber when wet (more so after using the first milk protein conditioner). But it makes sense. Gelatin is a hard protein but becomes gummy, like rubber when mixed with water as to protein powders, spirulina, etc.

I need help, suggestions, recommendations and consolation. I'll love you forever. Thank you and peace.

Okay...End of that post but all of it still applies...

P.S. I am also looking for a conditioner and a leave-in that are as natural as possible, don't reek much, have no sulfates, cones, quats, no panthenol and no coconut oil.


  • EtherealEthereal Registered Users Posts: 9
    P.S. If it helps at all, I took the quiz here and my hair type is, "2A".

    Not sure about dewpoint still but the weather here has been very hot and dry (England is usually humid, of course). Not sure about my porosity level but since my hair is currently in a muddle as to the protein overload, the results would not be accurate anyway. Accurate for now maybe. I am not really 'into' carrying out such tests anymore since the wet strand one led me to this mess that my hair and I are now in.

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