Want a cut that would work for Curly or Straight Styles/ Devachan vs Ouidad

I usually go to Devachan and while my cut looks great curly, there is no shape when I straighten it. I am thinking about going to Ouidad. My boyfriend's mother wants to take me. Would they be better at achieving a style for both curly and straight hair? I have very thick hair. The carve/slice approach does scare me a little because I don't want to lose my amazing thickness. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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    I didn't see this until now since I don't come on here as often as I used to.

    I didn't vote in the poll because I have two answers. I've
    had 2 Deva cuts and 2 Ouidad cuts, one at a salon where I live and one in the Ouidad salon in NY.

    I could straighten my hair after all the cuts and it looked good. I would say my Ouidad cut was probably better if you wanted to go straight, but not that significant of a difference. It was similar to a traditional haircut with the long layering, and the carving and slicing was very minimal both times. It was just enough to accent my curls, but my hair did not feel any thinner by any means. The Ouidad cut is done wet, but they look at your hair before they cut it and honestly, my stylist was very good at looking at my hair and picking up on certain things (like my underneath layer grows straighter than the top), so he adjusted how he cut my hair wet.

    Both worked well for me, but if your Deva cut is very uneven when you straighten, try the Ouidad cut. If you are worried about the carving and slicing, just tell them to do it minimally. I liked it a lot.

    Come to think of it, when I straighten, I don't use a flat iron, I blow it out with a round brush and just twirl the ends with the brush to get a slight wave on the ends. Maybe that's why I don't notice the difference as much.

    I hope that helped a bit, and you see this!

    Hair Type - medium to fine texture, high porosity, lots of it, type 2b/3a

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