Oops, forgot to introduce myself.

I don't like putting my real name on social sites, so you can just refer to me by my username or any variation of it (Vinci, Vince, etc.) I joined here mainly because I needed more information about my type of hair (high density, 3b curls, low porosity). I thought joining a community where others have similar hair would be a good idea and I could learn how to take better care of my hair. I am of half african american decent and I am half Korean.

If you want to know a lot more about me, you can view the sidebar or the about me page on My tumblr

I am twenty, so some things on my blog may be mature content (though not often), although I do tag them so that they are easily blocked.


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    You should check the MissJessies (not sure if it is spelled right though) hair products. Google it. I thing it all started with 2 sisters half African American and half Asian. You may like their products.