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I have to go with Jessicurl also. I just got my trial sizes yesterday though so I have only used it once. I have been looking for a conditioner that was moisturizing and OMG [buylink=]too shea[/buylink] is definately it. I couldnt believe the curls I got with her styling products that went all the way to the roots. I usually have straighter hair at the top because it doesnt curl at the roots. I have one flat side also and it was as curly as the rest of my hair. I didnt have any tangles in my hair this morning either just soft frizz free hair. I used a little AIS and it looks just like it did yesterday when I first fixed it. I have frizz free touchable soft curls. I cant wait to try the WDT with heat I didnt have enough time yesterday to do it. I have tried other product that people love on here and havent really like them. I tried the sample pack with [buylink=]curl keeper[/buylink] and wasnt impressed with those products. To be fair I only tried Devacurl conditioner but I put it on the swap board because I didnt like it.


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    Ok sorry this was suppose to go in the tread about jessicurl or devacurl