Very short hair style for thick 3b hair?

VincisomethingVincisomething Registered Users Posts: 4
I have very thick, 3b hair and the style I want is something like this:

I'm worried that my hair texture/type won't be right for it- especially the bangs. I don't mind if my hair is curlier than the picture shown or slightly thicker, though. If that doesn't work out, is there something similar to that, but where the person has thicker hair? I really want a hair style that is tomboyish, cute, and where I have to do little to no maintenance (and bangs that fit my hair type). Of course, I plan on buying things to take care of the hair itself, but nothing where I have to style constantly.

My hair below:


  • KorkscrewKorkscrew Registered Users Posts: 1,834 Curl Neophyte
    Do you have pics of your hair with better, more even lighting - either in a very well-lit room, or in daylight? These 2 pics are too dark for me to sort out.
  • BluebloodBlueblood Registered Users Posts: 1,748 Curl Neophyte
    The hair style you want still has maintenance.

    In fact due to having to get it cut regularly to hold shape it would require more maintenance than your current style.
  • Studio138Studio138 Registered Users Posts: 16
    Hi Vincisomething,
    A better picture of your hair would help. But you can have a short cut with your hair. Blueblood is right it would mean more maintenance for you because as it grows out it will get bigger not really longer. I have a client that has 3B/C hair and it is very short but the trade off is she has to come in very often to get it cut. She gets it cut every time I do her color. I hope this helps.
    Doug Lilley
    Owner/Stylist Studio 138
    Fullerton, Ca.
    Deva Curl Certified Stylist
  • CrazyMonyCrazyMony Registered Users Posts: 22

    I was able to find some very/super short haircuts pictures around here:
    Super short hairstyles 2013 :evil4:

    Hope it helps!

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