How long is Flaxseed Gel good for?

I just dug out a bottle I had forgotten about that I bought from BB. I think it may have been about a year ago. Is it still good?
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    What does it smell like? You should be able to tell if it's gone rancid or not. If it smells ok, I would probably still use it but that's just me.
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    I really liked the BB gelee, but I found it didn't last long enough for me. It always went bad before I finished the bottle, so I stopped ordering it. It's a good product, but be sure you keep it refrigerated and use it up pretty promptly. Within a couple months if you leave it out, a bit longer if you keep most in fridge and just dispense into a jar what you will use within a week or two.

    If it smells odd or has little white flecks or a color change, discard it. Color and smell changes are always a bad sign. A year would be too old for me...but you decide on that one. :D
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