Sleeping positions?

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I know that later in my pregnancy, I'll need to sleep on my side, preferrably my left side. And I'm sure it would be good to get into the habit NOW, but at this point I'm trying to just get to sleep however I can because I'm having a hard time getting comfortable.

My husband will "let" me get away with sleeping on my back for now, because we both know once the second trimester comes is when I won't be able to, but last night he woke me up from a DEAD SLEEP because I was sleeping on my stomach, and he made me roll onto my side. Needless to say, I was :evil:

I thought it was okay to sleep on my stomach as long as my belly doesn't make it physically impossible to do so. Husband thinks I will crush the baby (all 1.5" of him/her!). So does anyone know if it's okay to sleep on my stomach as long as my belly's not in the way?
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    Hey Pix,

    First of all Congrats, babe is going to be a cheerleader too!!! HE HE HE

    2nd.. I didn't like sleeping on my belly at all even when I wasn't pregnant so I didn't do it.. I slept on my back (propped up)

    but I did a bit of searching for you and this is what I found!
    Dear Dr. Greenfield,
    I am 19 weeks pregnant and am still sleeping on my stomach; which does not hurt me and actually is very comfortable. I am wondering if it will hurt my baby. What is you answer?
    — Sheilantenn in Dyersburg, TN

    September 27, 2001

    Dear Sheilantenn,
    Good news for you! There is no problem with sleeping on your tummy if it's comfortable. Remember that the baby is cushioned in a sac of amniotic fluid and protected by the uterine wall. Your weight won't hurt your baby.

    Usually by mid-pregnancy, or a little later, it feels like you are lying on a lump, and you end up having to find an alternate position. But as long as you're comfortable, go ahead and enjoy.
    — by Marjorie Greenfield, M.D.

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    Thanks D, that's great news! I'll have to show that to the husband :)
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    Once you can't sleep on your stomach anymore, get a Snoogle (or a knock-off). It was the most comfortable thing ever - really the only way I could sleep on my side. I used it while I was breastfeeding as well because it hurt too much to sleep on my boobs.
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    That sleeping position stuff is all nonsense. You can sleep on your belly as long as you want to. You can sleep on your back too. You will feel uncomfortable if the position isn't right, and you'll move. No biggie.

    I slept on my belly all through my pregnancies. I have a waterbed and was able to get in any position that I belly is my position of choice, always. The only time I couldn't sleep on my belly was after my c-secs...because it hurt. That was really annoying.
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    I agree w/ RCW. Sleep in whatever position is comfortable to you. That baby is packed in there so well, a sleeping position is not going to hurt it. You'll become uncomfortable sleeping on your tummy soon enough, and then you won't be able to do it anymore.

    SOME doctors will tell you to sleep on your side, but it's not totally necessary. The reason is because it does promote better blood flow to the placenta, but nothing is going to happen if you sleep on your back, or your right side, even later in pregnancy.
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    I always sleep on my stomach, but with my first pregnancy I had to stop in my first trimester because my boobs were so tender that it hurt to sleep on them.

    This time around, my boobs don't hurt a bit so I'll be sleeping on my stomach as long as I can.

    Once you start to get bigger you'll move around so much just trying to get comfortable that even if you're in a 'bad' position you won't be like that for long anyway so don't worry about it.
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    Thanks everybody for the continued replies. I found this article on this morning and sent the link to my husband, so I think I may have him convinced :)
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    Mama to two wild superheroes and a curly-headed baby boy :love5:

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