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Hey there! Just signed up for this site and I'm loving it so far.

Here's a general introduction:
My name's Sam and I'm 23. I've had to deal with curly hair since I was 8. I've also been dealing with self esteem issues, so that plus unmanagable curly hair was a nightmare. It would either be in a bun or straightened. In the past year or so, I've become more confident with my overall appearance and have learned to (kinda) love my curly hair.

Favorite picture of myself with curly hair. Had it in a bun going to bed, woke up ready to flat iron it, and saw this in the mirror. I've never been able to replicate it since.

But I've been having some problems.

Basically here's the mess I've been dealing with. Loose and tight curls, no consistency.

Bottom layer

Middle layer

Top layer

So I have some questions:

- What would be the best thing to do to get some sort of consistency with the curls?
- I've been using a conditioner that has Morrocan oil in it, which is nice overall, but the top layer of hair is always fairly dry. What is the best type of moisturizing treatment?
- Once my hair is done drying, a lot of the areas closer to my roots look very oily, and I feel like that's residue from washing. Any tips on how to fix that?

I'd really appreciate any help and additional tips or general feedback. Thanks so much!


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    First of all I love your hair. Especially the one pic with the blond ends!

    My hair has that problem with uneven curls as well, I too wish it all would just curl nice and symmetrical. Only mine isn't as kinky as yours. But mine looks a lot like that if I let it dry with no product.

    Have you tried using the CG method? There's a lot if trial and error but I can see my hair improving. Also ive quit flat ironing and coloring. At 28 I am getting more and more greys so I may succomb to coloring it again just to cover the greys.

    If you try using CG products, no sulfates, no silicones, and start washing with conditioner I think you will notice improvements. Leave in some conditioner and oils to help moisturize and a gel will help clump and define curls so your straighter pieces should clump with the curly pieces.
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    Try the Shea moisture line. It's sold at target, Walgreens, cvs, and Sally's. I love using the shea restorative conditioner as a leave in(but not too much because that will weigh the hair down, just use little by little until your hair feels moisturized). I also use the Shea moisture coconut and hibiscus milk, about 2 nickel amounts for my hair which is a little more curly than yours and shoulder length. I use the same amount of garnier fructis pure clean gel. That takes care of moisture and hold/definition! Then comes the part to even out the curls. You want to finger twist your hair. There are tons of videos on YouTube about this method so check one out! I would just do this to your top layers because they don't curl as much. Be warned, with the SM milk and finger twisting, your hair will have more shrinkage because the curl will be much tighter! Hope this helps. And just experiment with some products and techniques!
    Love my auburn 3b/3c curls!! Favorite products are Treseme Naturals conditioner and DevaCare ArcAngel(<---miracle for definition!) I really just want to GROW MY HAIR OUT!! It's not really working...
  • sam_ashsam_ash Posts: 3Registered Users
    Thanks, gals! I'll try it out.

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