Having an ugly day *cry*

I dont know whats going on here. My hair is evil at the minute, stringy and weird, major major frizz, I dont wanna go out, I feel terrible. I think the trouble is having to experiment so much and not knowing whats working and whats the spanner in the works. I can do the same thing one day as the next, and get totally opposite results.

I dont think I like Boots curl creme, it made my hair feel like wet mushy cardboard and really nasty and gunky to touch when dry, like i had put glue in my hair.

I wish I could find a product that feels like conditioner but with hold and shine. Im tired of buying new stuff, and it being useless....Im getting a major frown line between my brows from frustration at my hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:cry: :cry: :cry:
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But then again, too few to mention...


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    I know how you feel! Our weather is changing all the time now. I can have a good hair day when there's the slightest moisture in the air and then wham... cold, dry day and terrible hair days. Then products.... one day I'll have good luck and the next day, YUCK. I never know what is going to work and what isn't.
    I'm tired too of buying new product. I'm done buying right now. I'm tired of buying new product and then have it sit in the cubboard.

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    I'm so sorry you having such a tough time today! I'm sure your hair looks much better than you think, we're just our own worst critics (trust me, I know :lol: ). How much of Boots did you use? I've been using it for a couple of years and I find I can only use about a nickel size in diameter, otherwise it can feel too producty. I'm trying to think of a styler that is conditioner, gives shine, and adds hold, but I'm afraid I can't think of one that does all three. Usually if it's conditiong then it's not as strong-hold. The Devacurl ArcAngell gel is supposed to be a bit conditioning and it has hold, and usually most gels give me some shine. Have you tried a cold honey rinse at the end of conditioning?
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    Frizz Happens!
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    Thanks, girls.

    Lush, I dont know, I kind of dip my fingertips into the tub and rub it in my palms. I do have alot of hair, so it seems it must need a lot. Maybe if I watered it down or something...

    Ive done the honey mixed with my conditioner, ive so far really liked the results but this time it didnt have the desired effect. I havent tried it as a rinse though, Ill have to give that a go when i get some courage up.

    Darby, yes, its rubbish weather, that definately has an effect, its sort of fine raining on and off, that really light rain that seems to film everything with droplets. Cant be good for the frizz!

    Well, another day tomorrow, try again! Its a tie up day anyway, school=headlice :?

    Liz x
    Here are my curly pics, password is fuzz

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    But then again, too few to mention...