Curly in Boston

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Hi Everyone:
I'm new to this list, well actually I'm new to all lists. I'm not even sure which forum I should address my questions, so I figured this was a good start.
I'm a 46 yo mixed-race woman. I have worn my hair naturally curly for years, but tend to keep it quite short because when I have tried to grow it out, it tends to literally grow out, rather than down. After reading through this form, however, I am ready to give it another try.
I think I probably have 3b/c hair and it is around 3 inches long now, just sort of a round cut. Does anyone have any suggestions re the best way to grow it out. Should I part it at some point? What do I do with the frustrating flyaways that keep getting wind blown? How do I get it all one length, should I keep cutting the back until it is all one length?

Thanks for any advice you could share.[/b]


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