Does anyone cowash with Deva One C AND use it as a RO?

kaykrekaykre Posts: 314Registered Users Curl Neophyte
Yesterday I had a Curly Cut (my second one) and my stylist recommended using One Condition as both a cowash and RO.

She said she prefers using One Condition as a cowash over No-Poo or Low-Poo and that she thinks I should try it because my hair is quite dry (I already use it as a RO and have been struggling to find a co wash or or low poo I like). I tried it and surprisingly it worked really, really well.

Anyone else do this? I really hope it continues working because it would be so convenient to be able to use one thing for cowash and RO.
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  • ChillyCurlsChillyCurls Posts: 13Registered Users
    I use No Poo and then use OC as an RO. Then I use only OC every second day. I have no problems with it. I haven't experimented with other cowashes because I am boggled about which one to buy.

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