Is L.A. Looks Nutra Curl Gel discontinued?

kaykrekaykre Posts: 314Registered Users Curl Neophyte
I've been wanting to try this. It is still available online but I never see it in stores. I don't mind ordering online but I'd hate to fall for a product that is discontinued.
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  • OhSunshinex3OhSunshinex3 Posts: 74Registered Users
    I don't think so. My local Family Dollar still sells it. May just be hard to come by.

  • JessiebananaJessiebanana Posts: 940Banned Users
    I still see it around.
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  • caramix3acaramix3a Posts: 462Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Good riddance - it was not good anyway. It was supposed to replace the older turquoise Curl Look gel which was excellent, but it failed in my opinion. I couldn't even finish a whole bottle of the stuff it was that bad and it dried out my hair and I had to use a whole lot more of it than any other gel to get decent hold. I moved on to the Sports Gel myself, which is very popular here among many curlies. MUCH better!:)
  • hambo02hambo02 Posts: 480Registered Users
    yeah i hated nutra curl too. made my hair really dry and the crunch was too hard to scrunch out
  • RustinaRustina Posts: 894Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I loved the turquoise Curl gel. *sigh*
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