Superdrug Pro Vitamin Daily Nourish (Classic)

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I'm on no income at the moment (very temporarily, so I hope) and knew the other day I was due to run out of my co-washing light conditioner. I couldn't afford the same again because it's too expensive, so I went to Superdrug.

I should specify that I'm British and in the UK.

I like Superdrug because all their own-brand stuff is BUAV approved (no cruelty to animals). I looked for their own brand conditioners in the hope that some of them might not contain silicones or the like, and saw a range of them. All except the Classic had sodium laureth sulfate (in the conditioner! I didn't know they could do that!). I read the ingredients list of the one that didn't and decided to go for it.

Fast forward to today and I start using this new one. And I read the ingredients list again. What did I miss? The third/fourth ingredient is a silicone!

I don't know how much to say about this product review because ultimately I only bought it because I missed the -cone, so perhaps nobody else here would be likely to buy it either. But just so you have a review of it, it's yuck. Or it's yuck with my hair, anyway.

The conditioner feels almost waxy, like it leaves an unpleasant layer on my fingers. And I know that sooner or later I'm going to have to wash it out again, probably with my remaining sodium laureth sulfate shampoo.

And my hair looks worse now than before I washed it. It's dull. The curls are limp and the clumping is almost non-existent. I've got stiff bits near my scalp. Yuck.

My routine: co-washed with the last of my favourite, Faith in Nature Jojoba followed with the product I'm reviewing, which admittedly is a bit too thick for the purpose anyway. Rinsed out, applied L’Oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss and plopped to let it soak in for 5 mins, before returning to rinse out and then reapply more to tips, and most vulnerable bits of canopy.

It's interesting, though, that the above, without the Superdrug conditioner, seems to be working really well for me. But add in the Superdrug and my hair's absolutely rubbish.

I need a job for better hair. Seriously.
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    Which one did you try from Superdrug? I've had great luck with their Raspberry and Macadamia nut conditioner, and it doesn't have any cones. The other conditioner I really like is Tressemé Naturals Nourishing Moisture conditioner. It's a bit more expensive than the Raspberry one, but you get quite a bit (the two bottles of Tressemé I have are 500ml and 750ml).

    Hope this helps.
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