Uncle Funky Daughter Curly Magic

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For sale- 2 for $30. US only. Shipping not included. Paypal only. Sold together as one unit



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    Are they new? If not, how much is left? Is shipping included?
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    If they are full, nobody takes both, and u decide to sell separately I will buy one. Thanks!

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    They are new- never used. I can sell them separately. $18 and shipping is not included
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    PM sent!
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    Detangler: KCKT
    Leave-in: CJ Repair me
    Stylers: UFDCM, BRHG
    Refreshers: Batiste (dry shampoo) on the roots & UFDCM everywhere else

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    How much to ship to 77346?

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    I will take both If they are still available.
    3C curly/wavy/kinky hair.
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    Have these been sold?
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    Hi yes all products have been sold.