What are your protein free staples/HGs?

FrostiiLoveFrostiiLove Registered Users Posts: 105
I'm still on the hunt but here's mine... for now.

Poo - watered down tresemme 2n1 shampoo(1part poo 3parts water)

Conditioner - au naturale knot out conditioner

Moisturizer - none really just grapeseed oil and water

Styler - New York style gel(looking for a new one)

I also use naturally silk elements leave-in conditioner cream when my curlies get too frizzy. It has hydrolyzed silk as the 17th ingredient haven't had a bad reaction but don't want to push my luck. I use it very very sparingly, no more than 3 times a month.


  • FrostiiLoveFrostiiLove Registered Users Posts: 105
    I know this has been done before but products change, regimens, seasons change lol.
  • DanielleTodayDanielleToday Registered Users Posts: 8
    I'm still looking. I can use a small amount of protein in my shampoo and Co wash but not in my leave in or styler. I think my only true staple is plain water lol.

    So far, my shampoo is Loreal sulfate free reconstructive. Conditioners/Co wash are vo5 moisture milks mango, tressame naturals with the avocado and aloe vera, and mane and tail like once a month. Just tried the Aussie miraculously smooth today, but that one is going to take some working with i think. Didn't realize it had a cone in it either.

    I've been experimenting with stylers without much luck. Taliah waajid curly curl cream was a definite no. My hair got so disgusting; i can't really describe it: dry, knotty, matty, just terrible. Marc Anthony strictly curls lotion doesn't seem to have any protein; made good second day hair, elasta qp did nothing, and today i just tried the eco styler clear which has protein. So far so good, but tomorrow will be the true test; I'm nervous. I thought the curly cream was great the first day but when i woke up my hair was horrid. Didn't realize it had protein until the damage was done.

    I also use garnier fructis triple nutrition dry oil but only lightly to undo twists or when my hair is dry. All oils make my hair crunchy and knotty no matter how i use them. I can't even do got oil treatments; hot mess. I like raw mango butter too and might bring it back once it gets cold again.

    I know these aren't protein free, but for me the protein is light enough that it doesn't kill my hair. Still dealing with breakage after the taliah waajid episode :/ smh. I need to get better about reading labels
  • FrostiiLoveFrostiiLove Registered Users Posts: 105
    I wish I could take protein in my shampoo or co wash life would be just a little easier! You're not alone on the Taliah Waajid fiasco, the plant extracts and hydrolyzed wheat, I'm guessing was the problem.

    Treaseme naturals and vo5 moisture milks are products I wanted to love because of the price but my hair wasn't having it!

    I'm afraid of anything garnier fructis, everyone of their products I've tried left my hair a HOT MESS! Think its more for a straighter pattern or finer texture, idk.

    Protein, tree nut oils, plant extracts and alcohols give me dry, crispy, knotted hair so when I tried the naturally silk elements and had soft curly hair I was excited but I'm afraid to used it often because of that hydrolyzed silk.

    Oh yeah for some reason curl junkie smoothing lotion only works on my dry hair. If I use it on wet hair my hair just gets super dry and tangled. Odd!

    Do you have a DC?

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