Akemi or Proper salon? And products for a certain style?

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These salons are in, if not near Portland, Oregon. I've been looking at both Akemi and Proper. Both have good reviews and both have reviews where stylist know what to do with thick, 3b hair. But both have disappointed reviews and I don't know which ones to look past. Proper has more reviews than Akemi (both overall ratings are about the same), but Akemi has walk-ins and is a vegan salon.

This is my hair not too long after showering:

My hair gets a lot thicker than that but I put my hair in pigtail braids after showering so that it doesn't. I want a hairstyle kind of like this:

If my hair is a bit curlier than the picture shown, that's fine but I don't want it to be really thick and I'm worried my hair will do that, especially when it completely dries after a wash. Will I maybe have to use certain products to keep it from bushing up, or is there a stylist in one of these two salons that can work around that? I also try avoiding lauryl-sulfate shampoos.

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