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I have been straightening my hair for 5yrs and I'm ready to go back curly. I know it will take some time for the curls to come and the frizz to leave. My question is I would like a straight crown and curls below that my hair used to be curly all over. Any ways I can accomplish this?


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    There are techniques that promote curl formation at the crown, for example:
    - applying product with your head upside down
    - plopping
    - diffusing with your head upside down
    - clipping

    So they are probably things you don't want to do.

    A hard hold gel might help keeping the hair on top flat.
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    Drying your roots first while letting the rest of your hair hang wet and heavy gives me nearly straight hair on top - obviously YMMV but I have to dry my hair from the ends up or the weight of the water still in my hair pulls out a lot of the curl (which goes against what a lot of people suggest - drying the roots first for volume, for me it just makes my hair super flat)..
    3a/2c natural redhead and I've been sulfate/cone free since 2006 :)

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