Can Someone Fully Explain CG to Me?

LesMizLesMiz Registered Users Posts: 14
So I started reading about the CG method and only get about half of it.
I understand that you eliminate shampoo from your routine and some of the other steps (I consulted the article that's in the Newbie section) But I also don't get how I'm supposed to do the steps. Do I do them all in order? In one day? And also how much will I have to transition to go CG?
I don't want to ask my parents for all of these hair supplies before I fully understand what I'm asking.
Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me figure this out ;) I know next to nothing about hair.
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  • Firefox7275Firefox7275 Registered Users Posts: 3,750 Curl Neophyte

    Have you considered getting hold of the Curly Girl Handbook itself? Might be in your local library or there are second hand copies for cheap on Amazon. Also worth checking out YouTube, especially Waterlily716, she has tutorials and reviews, including cheaper products.

    A lot of the method is just substituting, you probably do quite a few steps now without really thinking about it. You will be washing and conditioning much as before, just using different products. Then you use a leave in conditioner and a styler on dripping wet hair, that is probably new. Then you take the excess water out of your hair just using a different method (no towel turban, plop or scrunch). Then you can air dry or diffuse as you prefer. Instead of brushing you now only finger comb, and preferably only when wet so much less often than before.

    Nobody can tell you how easy or difficult the transition will be, depends on a bit of luck, some skill, choosing the right products early on. It is important to know your hair properties and dew points/ humidity before choosing products - you can go for all drugstore, there are some well priced products out here. If you have a smartphone download the free 'Curls on the Go' app.

    Have you thought about just changing one product at a time when you run out of what you currently use? Then you aren't asking your parents for too much. Hopefully you already own an old t-shirt, maybe a hairdryer that has a diffuser or can have a cheap one attached. Maybe you have a wide tooth comb and a slippy scarf you can tie around your head or drape on your pillow. You can always ask for more expensive products or equipment for birthday or Xmas gifts if you get into the method.
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    It's not just eliminating shampoo - many don't eliminate it completely, what is important is to eliminate sulfate based shampoos (they dry hair out) and not to use any conditioners or styling products that contain silicones (which can temporarily disguise dry damage, but also continue to dry out the hair). Basically, CG is really about eliminating sulfates and silicones and properly moisturizing your hair so that it will be healthy.

    IMO you can get started fairly easily and cheaply - for less than $10. You'll need a conditioner you can co-wash with (I like any of the VO5 conditioners, they really do well for my hair, and a bottle is less than $1), a stronger rinse out conditioner to moisturize your hair (you can also use small amounts of this as a leave-in or just don't rinse it all out, right now I'm using Tresemme Naturals, and it's about $5 for a fairly large bottle, and that bottle lasts me about as long as 4-5 bottles of the V05 I use to co-wash does), and then some kind of gel to define your curls (DEP and LA Looks are both really cheap and work well, I think last time I bought some it was under $3).

    I do keep a CG-friendly shampoo in my shower in case I feel like my hair isn't getting clean enough by only co-washing, and I do use it occasionally (nothing else gets that campfire smell out after camping, for example), but I could probably get away without it if I didn't have it. There are a lot more "natural" sulfate free shampoos available now than just a few years ago. When I first went sulfate free (and before I started co-washing), sulfate free shampoo was almost impossible to find outside of places like Whole Foods... now there are lots of options.
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  • LesMizLesMiz Registered Users Posts: 14
    I have all of the products to go CG. Do I need to do anything before I wash my hair tonight or no? I read about a vinegar wash and a honey wash. When would I do that?
    My hair crushed my dreams,
    Everything I wanted to be,
    My curly hair was the death of me
    Hair type: Mixture of 3a and 2b
  • curlicious13curlicious13 Registered Users Posts: 1,632 Curl Neophyte
    Lesmiz I would not use a vinegar rinse. That can REALLY damage your hair. In case of build up, you can use a clarifying shampoo instead. I tried an apple cider vinegar rinse on my hair & my hair was hard & shedding. I barley used a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a sink full of water.
  • sarahspinssarahspins Registered Users Posts: 20
    Just one last wash with your sulfate shampoo and you're good to go.. from there you can start using CG products. It may take several washes before your hair stops seeming lifeless and dry though.
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