Blogging your journey? (tumblr)

skm467skm467 Posts: 6Registered Users
Does anyone have a tumblr out there that I can follow of your/ a transitioning journey?
Or it could just be a blog about natural hair I would love to follow.
I will be doing my journey soon.

My Blog :
Sassy Natural Hair!
I'm 6 months into my journey.


  • ageinatlageinatl Posts: 9Registered Users
    My blog is about my texlaxed and transitioning journey. Includes product reviews, interviews, etc.
    LOW POROSITY, TRANSITIONING: Since October 26, 2012
    CLEANSERS: As I Am Coconut Cowash, Shea Moisture's Purification Mask, ORS Creamy Aloe (clarifying)
    LIs/Moisturizers: Jessicurl TS, CJCR, CR Hair Milk, DBPS
    STYLERS: Bee Mine Curly Butter
    DCs: CJCR, Bee Mine Deep Conditioner, Silk Dreams DCs
    SEALERS: EVCO/JBCO/Ceramide Oil Mix

    Long-term transitioning and enjoying the ride! smile.gif
    Visit my blog: /home/leaving?" class="Popup