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Hello I'm Brittany I'm 19 years old I'm a freshman at NC A&T and I've recently decided to go natural I'm going to grow my relaxer out instead of the BC. I've been transitioning for 3 months ! I just wanted to know If you guys have any tips , suggestions and I would love to know about your journey a2yjyna7.jpgeva5u2ez.jpg recent pics getting my hair done today

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    Enjoy the process and do your research. First time I transition I was pulling my hair out by the chunks! dont get discouraged and dont believe the hype. Not all natural hair is the same but all natural hair is beautiful.
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    Lots of moisture and weekly deep conditioning with no heat really helped when i transitioned.
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    Pre-poos like coconut oil were a fantastic help to me at the beginning.
    Shampoos without sulfates are a must (or if you're really up for it - co-washing).
    Deep condition your hair once a week.
    Try to stay away from combs and brushes. Just stick to finger-detangling. If you must comb, only do it when you have lots of conditioner in your hair.
    Stay away from heat!
    Try protective hairstyles like braids or twist outs.
    And most importantly: patience. You're going to have to re-learn a lot about your hair so just relax, go with the flow and enjoy the journey. The end result with be so worth it! :)
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    YouTube will become your best friend that is where I get tips on how to properly take care of two different textures