Haircut Disaster; Should I Do Keratin?

Okay, so I have 2B type hair that is pretty curly when I let it air-dry but can be easily straightened. However, it is VERY prone to frizziness and will frizz up within 10 minutes in humid weather. I had pretty long hair and I recently got it cut right to my shoulders, so it is 'short' for me.

The hair dresser did some choppy layers as well. When she straightened it and everything it looked good and I liked it. However, the next day, I tried to style it myself and within a few minutes of stepping outside, the layers were flipping outward and the haircut looked completely different. It did not flatter my face at all and just looked strange. I've tried to keep re-straightening it but it just will not stay straight. And I've tried letting it air dry curly, but it doesn't look good curly.

I was pretty upset because now I regret cutting my long hair. I have short hair now which is SUPPOSED to be low maintenence but I'm spending just as long if not longer trying to get my hair to look sleek and straight! I'm so annoyed. I made an appointment to get a Keratin Straightening Treatment that the stylist claims will make my hair completely straight for about 6 months. Should I do it? It will be around $350. I just feel like I have no other options and I don't want to let it grow out for months and months while being embarrassed of my own hair.

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