Curl type anyone?


I am relatively new to the boards. I just ordered some Jessicurl products a while ago, but haven't gotten the chance to try them out yet. Anyways, I read the article about hair types, but I'm really not sure what I am. My hair is very thick and dry, and seems to be two different textures. That's what confuses me. It's curlier on bottom and wavier on top. I'd really like to know what my type is and thought maybe someone could help so I thought I'd put up a picture of myself so you could see. I'm the one on the left. This is my hair in its natural state, with no products or anything. It has a big tendency to poof. Thanks for your time! :D

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    I think you're a 3a* (probably would look even more like one with products and scrunching) with more 2a near the top. You said extremely dry and all but your hair looks really pretty imo, I love the color :)

    eta: *After looking at the guide more, I think 2c mostly.
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    I agree with 3a. Do you brush/comb your hair? If you stopped brushing, then it would probabaly be more defined and curlier.
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    I think probably a 3a also. Like said above, with no brusing and some product in there you'll probably have alot of curl and definiton. I really like the color of you hair, very pretty!
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    I concur with the others. That looks like my hair (though mine is slightly darker) when I don't put product in it. So a 3a it is.
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    Agree. 3a. I love the color. :)
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