What kind of hair do I have

I'm new here and new at not ironing my wavy/curly, fine, medium density hair. I just wash and condition it, ditsy in leave in and scrunch with styling cream (Frederick Fekkai). Some days it looks fab, other days it is a frizzy tangly undefined mess, and other days it doesn't really curl up. Ugh. I want consultant good hair days. Here is a pic of a good hair day:

And today, not so good:

Anyone able to help me type my hair, and provide advice? I am a full time working mom with 2 I don't want anything too labour intensive. Just the right products to perk up my curls and minimize frizz without without weighing down my fine hair or leaving it too crunchy (I'd guess that's a big request???).

Tia, Jill


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    It's hard to tell just from a picture, but your hair looks 2b to me. You can read some info about it right on this website, but knowing your curl pattern is just the beginning. You also need to figure out things like density and porosity in order to figure out your products. Try a light leave in conditioner and a light gel or mousse. Finding out your perfect routine is pretty labor intensive, but worth it. Just don't give up!
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    Thanx. Im starting to learn! I've started co-washing most days, plopping, and using curl keeper + recoil. It's made such a difference even in a week!

    Today: ImageUploadedByCurlTalk1377717508.004582.jpg