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Hi I'm Jill. I'm a 39 year old mom of 2. As a child I had stick straight hair (I permed it in the 90s) that got wavier and curler as I aged. It is fine and medium density. I have ironed it forever but a few months ago decided to stop. I wash and condition it or wet it, they use spray detangler and styling cream to scrunch it. Some days it looks great...others the curls are a frizzy tangly undefined mess. I don't even know what type of hair I have...I think either 2c or 3a.

Anyways, I want to keep wearing my hair natural so it can stay healthy and grow out, so I joined this community to learn how to do so with more good hair days!!

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    Your hair is really nice!! You will find loads of great info on this sight to help you care for your hair. Good luck!!
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    Thanks!!! Sometimes I love my hair curly...other times its just off!
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    Welcome! I would say you are 2b with potential for 2c. Do work out your other hair properties - elasticity and porosity.

    If you have old heat styling damage you may need to grow some of this out before your hair starts to co-operate. Beneficial ingredients for damaged hair include coconut oils, hydrolysed protein, ceramides, 18-MEA and panthenol. For fine hair protein, protein, protein.

    Be careful with spray detanglers, they won't contain anything that will help your waves clump together, probably loaded with silicones which can build up and weigh the hair down.
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    What products are you using specifically?
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    I use Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, usually live clean (Canadian brand). Every second day I just wash with conditioner. I use loreal spray detangler, comb and air dry, then scrunch with Frederick Fekkai glossing cream or curl envy. Some days I love it. Others, not so much!
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    Oh and I know my hair is quite porous. Elasticity I am not sure.
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    I just got curl keeper from a friend. She goes the the curly hair institute and thought it would be good for me. Can't wait to try it in the morning!
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    Hi, welcome to the forum! Your hair is pretty, and probably has the potential to be even curlier.

    Are you going to try the curly girl method? If so, It's great you use a sulphate free shampoo (can't find the ingredients for the one you use), but unfortunately the fekkai curl cream is full of silicones, so you'll need to make sure your shampoo has coco betaine in it to remove them. Otherwise you'll end up with build up. A lot of curlies on this forum avoid silicones.

    Since you're in Canada, you're probably starting to see a cool down begin, so not as humid weather as I have here in Florida, so curl keeper may work well for you now. It has glycerin, which is a potent humectant, so doesn't work well for some people in very high or very low humidity. But it's a product I love during the more moderate weather. Use more than you think you should- it's not easy to over do it with CK, but it's easy not to use enough.

    Good luck!
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    Hi! I don't officially do CG...I just joined today. Found the site looking for curl keeper reviews...but I do seem to use a lot of the techniques. I started using Sulfate free poo and cond when I had a keratin treatment several years ago and never went back. I also only use poo ever 2-3 times I was my hair...between I use water and conditioner, and I use regular (low Sulfate, tresemme) every couple weeks, when my hair seems to get weighed down. I also dry my hair as suggested...patting with a light towel then wrapping while leaving the curls in a pile under the towel.

    I have used the FF product back from when I used to iron my hair...loved it then. I will try taking a break from it now, see if that helps.

    I guess I have to learn more about few points, etc.

    I must say this is all a bit discouraging. Part of the reason (a big part) I stopped ironing was to simplify my mornings. I have two kids and a stressful full time job...and work out nearly every day! But it seems like wearing my hair in its natural curls and waves (if I want it to look good, and I do) is more work and so complicated :(

    I just showered after yoga and tried the curl keeper since I'll be up a few more hours. I'm anxious to see the results. I'll share a pic once it has dried and been scrunched.
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    Oops o saw that you asked if I'm going to try the CG method. Yes I will..I'm part way there already I think. I'll check all my products for cones.
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    Hmm. I tried the ck. I like the lack of frizz...but my curls look flat. I'm
    Certainly going to have to experiment with it.

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    I tried it again this morning, much better. Yesterday I was so afraid to touch it after I put it in. I just combed through and gave a quick scrunch then left it alone. Today I took a lot more time scrunching my hair right side up and upside down, and also twisting some pieces in my canopy. I am much happier with the results. It will still take some experimenting… But I am pleased! Thanks!ImageUploadedByCurlTalk1377263642.361482.jpg