how do u make your hair less curly??

does anyone know how to make your hair less curly and more wavy?? some product or maybe drying tips??
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    The process described here is really working for me. Having done it for a little while, it's like having loose curls near the bottom and this soft basically straight look leading up to them. Like here Where it's straight it's not like normal straight, it's not frizzy but it's soft. It's kinda cool because I think you have to have curly hair in order to get there without actual proffesional styling.

    Other than that, a good flat iron, but after straightening, wet your hair a bit, apply some leave in conditioner that also has a holding agent and tousle it with your fingers.

    HTH. :)
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    coconut oil
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    I don't know the texture of your hair or curl type, but you could try Graham Web's Making Waves gel. I have fine hair and a soft curl pattern and when I comb this gel through and let it air dry, I get wavy hair with curl on the ends. There is a picture in my fotki winter 06-07 album page 2 last picture. Hope that helps.
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    I have 3a hair, but if I were to apply gel and then brush my hair and let it dry I would get mostly waves instead of mostly curls. Only if I scrunch or let dry completely naturally do I get curls. Also if I blow-dry I can get more waves, but it's not a predictable.
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    To loosen my curls I rake some [buylink=]Curls Whipped Cream[/buylink] into my hair before applying gel. Then, when I apply the gel I put both palms of my hands on the outside of each curl and kind of smooth them in a downward motion. It's almost like placing two irons on each side of the curl and ironing it down without pressing too hard so you don't interrupt the curl.
    I hope I am explaining this OK, I don't quite know how to describe it, sorry. :cry:

    I just learned this technique from Kiyoko at Devachan Salon in Manhattan.
    It really does work!
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