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I bought both collections today (all that they had in stock) what's your review for those who have use this product and have 3c to 4a hair type. Low porosity, medium density. And how do you apply it to make sure it absorbs correctly. I want the best for my hair.



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    I love almost all of the shea moisture products ....I say almost all because I really don't care for the deep treatment masque I prefer to use carols daughter monoi hair mask I love it but its pricey...anywhoback shea moisture... The smoothie I think is my favorite to use for twist outs and bantu knot outs and the soufflé is good making sure ur curls are moisturized after taking out the twist and bantu knot but Don't use a lot of the soufflé because it will make ur hair greasy. I also have the spray mist and its a good refresher for ur curls and not greasy.... I have only used the as I am co-wash and so far no complaints I want to try the double butter cream (?) for my next deep conditioning treatment ......
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    In my siggy, you can see a few of the Shea Moisture products I use. My hair loves Shea Moisture! I also use the curl enhancing smoothie and it really defines my curls when I do my wash and gos. I want to try the As I Am coconut co-wash because I've heard great things about it.
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    CurlyNelly wrote: »
    I bought both collections today (all that they had in stock) what's your review for those who have use this product and have 3c to 4a hair type. Low porosity, medium density. And how do you apply it to make sure it absorbs correctly. I want the best for my hair.


    I really like the SMCES. I scrunch into soaking wet hair until it "smooches" then plop for 10 to 20 minutes. It gives great clumping.
    I sometimes use As I am smoothing gel. There is not a lot of gels I like but this one doesn't leave a hard cast.
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    I like as I am cowash and their leave in. Everything else I tried (smoothing gel, curling jelly, and moisture milk) didn't impress me.

    However, I LOVE shea moisture. All of their products have worked for me with the exception of the curl & shine shampoo. My favs are:

    Moisture retention shampoo
    Restorative conditioner
    Anti breakage masque
    Curl & style milk
    Curling gel souffle

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    I use both lines and love em for different things. I'm mostly 4a, medium density, high porosity fine strands. Here's my detailed review! (Very long! Haha)

    As I Am:
    The Coconut Cowash is the best thing ever! I don't cowash often, but when I do it's usually after using a gel for a few days or if I don't have time to shampoo. This stuff cleans hair sooooo well! It's kinda thick and creamy it has amazing slip! The tangles just kinda melt apart for me. And my hair comes out so soft. Gives great moisture. Don't even have to use much product to moisturize after!

    The As I Am Curl Clarity shampoo is what used for about a year. Doesn't produce a lot of suds/foam & a little goes a loooong way! The consistency is pretty thin and watery. Only downside is that your hair gets this "squeaky clean" feel and it could be a bit drying for a nonsulfate shampoo. But great clarifier.

    The Hydration Elation deep conditioner is the first thing I ever used in the line exactly 2 years ago and it's what got me to FALL IN LOVE! Thicker than the Cowash, creamy consistency, great slip. I can detangle with it very well. I sit under the hooded dyer for 15-20 mins and BAM! My hair is super soft & smooth and curls are poppin! It restored my hair from its heat damage (straightened obsessively for 6yrs) almost completely in 6 months! Previously I was using organic root stimulator replenishing pak for over a year and it didn't help nearly as much.

    The Doublebutter Cream is the most expensive thing in the line and that alone deterred me from it in search for cheaper products (that's how I found Shea Moisture products ironically). It's about $26 for 16oz of product. But it's great! Moisturize my hair with it and I don't have to add more product for at least 3 days. It's smooth & creamy, has a similar consistency to the cowash and a little goes a long way. May be a bit heavy/oily for low porosity hair, but my hair LOVES it.

    The Leave In conditioner is thin and therefore distributes easily. Very lightweight and absorbs nicely. Doesn't even feel like you have product in at all.

    Twist Defining Cream is THE BOMB! I have well over 50% shrinkage when i twist usually with waterbased products, but this elongated my hair fairly well and the shine/definition is insane! Twists come out best on damp or dry hair with this. It's makes my hair very smooth, and it has moisturizing properties too. Be sure to use your leave in or moisturizer before tho, or else it goes on sticky. (The stickiness is probably due to castor oil) DO NOT be heavy handed or else you'll get sticky,gunky hair.

    Cocoa shea Spray is a very thin and milky type spritz. Good if your wash n go or twists are looking dry, but you have to rub it in a bit for it to fully absorb. IMO tho it's too expensive and not worth the price. Can get just as much moisture w/a water & oil/aloe juice combo. Only product in the line I'd pass on.

    Shea Moisture:
    Curl enhancing smoothie took a while to figure how to use it. It's super thick and I guess fluffy is the right word to describe it. I've tried it on naked hair and it moisturized, but not as well as i hoped (I was looking for something that would give me day 3 hair). I think it made my hair too thick, yet weighed down at first. It works best if you're light handed with it and after using a leave in. Once I tried that method my hair achieved a fabulous big Bantu knot out! So then I loved it. Great as a moisturizing styler once you get the trick. My wash & go is bangin with this! Hair is defined and very soft. The truck is you gotta be light handed with it as it can actually weigh down your curls. But for that property it is great for twists/twist out. My hair is more elongated than with the As I Am Twist Defining Cream, which I really like! Only problem is that it doesn't make my hair as shiny. Still gets it very soft tho!

    Curl & Style Milk is really great when I want day 2 & 3 hair for a twist n curl without retwisting. Just put some on my ends & add my flexirods and my hair is big & fluffy with loose curls! Love the look! Only wish it came in a bigger bottle! My hair drinks it up!

    The Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo is the best Shampoo I've ever tried! My hair feels clean and so soft afterwards. Used it on my relaxed friends' hair and the results were just as stellar! Like it much better than As I Am's shampoo. It reminds me kinda of melted caramel, just the look of it lol

    The Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner has been my leave in of choice since I colored my hair w/their color system. I felt like I needed a creamier leave in now that my hair is in a weakened state. It's a conditioner, so I don't apply it as liberally as I used to with my As I Am leave in. A little actually goes a long way. I use even less product to moisturize than I ever needed before! In the summer I could actually just apply leave in and oil and just be done with my hair! That's how moisturizing it is! A miracle for my porous hair!

    Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque is a very good deep conditioner. I like it a lot, but don't love it because it lacks slip for me. I find that I have to mix it with an oil to detangle with it. But alone it i think it works well. I'm just not crazy about it. Prefer the As I Am Hydration Elation.
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    The Shea Moisture products do not work well for me. They weigh my hair down and make it dry.

    I LLLLLOVE the As I Am Leave In Conditioner. It's my favorite leave in. Not too heavy & not thin - perfect weight & texture. moisturizes great, smooth with good slip, smells really good. It has definitely made me want to try other As I Am products.
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    I'm still testing the As I am products, but so far, I'm not a fan of the Shea Moisture products, not because they aren't great, but because my hair doesn't like shea butter (what?!?!). These were the first products I've ever tried with shea butter in them, and it has not gone well. So far, the As I am products are doing great, especially the leave-in. I am having a hard time finding a drugstore leave-in and this is working great.
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    Yaaaay I'm glad you're liking the AIA leave in! It's my favorite leave in & def a HG for me. I'm right there with you on the SM products. I guess my hair doesn't like Shea butter...or at least the heavy amount that SM products have.

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