How to Make Coconut Oil at Home

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Here’s what went down in my kitchen:
[photo: coconut oil 2]

1. I cracked 2 small coconuts (outside on concrete) and grated the meat using a spoon and a knife. I’m sure there is a easier method to gather the meat, but after two episodes of Moesha while doing this, my hands were out of commission for the rest of the night.

[photo: coconut oil 3]

2. I blended the coconut meat and COLD water until the coconut pieces were fine.

[photo: coconut oil 4]

3. I improvised and strained using this gadget. A cheese cloth is preferable.

[photo: coconut oil 5]

4. In attempts to get as much milk as possible, I followed up by squeezing the coconut meat with my hands.

[photo: coconut oil 6]

5. What’s left is coconut milk. After a few hours of sitting on the counter, the cream rose to the top. I placed the covered pot in the refrigerator overnight. This allowed the cream to slightly solidify.

[photo: coconut oil 7]

6. Twenty-Four hours later I slice the cream to make the scooping and transferring the cream to another pot easier.

[photo: coconut oil 8]

7. I simmered the cream for approximately 30 minutes on low, stirring often.

[photo: coconut oil 9]

8. After a while, it looked like this. Once the remnants turned brown I turned off the stove and scooped the oil into a jar.


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