How often should I put product in my hair?

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I deep condition once a week but should I be using a styler or moisturizer every day? I usually just spritz my hair with water then put olive oil on the ends and wear it in a protective style. I wasn't sure if I should be putting in a moisturizer like more often? I only use a leave in and styler on wash days (shea moisture line products are my usual). Should I use a styler and moisturizer another time during the week also?

A little background info...
I have type 3c hair at the crown, but I am mixed and some parts of my hair are 4a as well (the sides and edges). I am still in the transitioning phase, and I did not big chop. I still have about 6 inches of relaxed hair that does not curl whatsoever because it is so damaged by both heat and chemicals. I am cutting off a lot regularly though, and I cut off three inches last month. the curly hair growing in seems pretty well moisturized, however, the relaxed ends are always dry unless they remain wet from the daily spritz of water and dab of olive oil on the ends.

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    Doesn't your hair get dry and dehydrated if you only use olive oil?

    If not, maybe the moisture you use is enough. It's different for everyone.
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    As often as your hair needs it. There are no set rules.
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    Krullenbol wrote: »
    Doesn't your hair get dry and dehydrated if you only use olive oil?

    If not, maybe the moisture you use is enough. It's different for everyone.

    No that's why I spritz it with water first, and then apply the olive oil.
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    What are your hair properties and dew points/ humidity and what ingredients/ regimen is indicated by that? Is your hair definitely lacking in moisture (= water) or is the cuticle raised or both?

    Olive oil does not moisturise (add or increase water) it can penetrate the hair possibly increasing elasticity and reducing porosity. If you apply it to damp hair or over a watery product it probably will no longer penetrate since oil and water do not mix. In that case it will act as a sealant/ occlusive only. Which do you want/ need?

    Proven beneficial ingredients for damaged hair include coconut oil, hydrolysed protein, ceramides, 18-MEA and panthenol. Shea butter does not penetrate the hair, it largely acts as a sealant/ occlusive and can build up. Too much water can damage the hair (hygral fatigue) and encourage frizz.
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    I put product in my hair everyday. Like leave in conditioner, and curl cream. If not ill be a frizzy mess!! It keeps my hair moisturized.